Backups, backups, backups!

For individuals and businesses alike, if you are in possession of anything the least bit valuable, you’re concerned about a contingency plan. What would you do if those assets or objects were lost to you? What would be your recourse? Do you have backups? As a writer, the worry of losing my work would give me anxiety. I went from floppy disks, to flask drives, to external hard drives, to now, comfortably, Dropbox. Many business professional have done the same and a real concern of those professionals has been how to access their files offline.

Dropbox automatically syncs changes to documents when there is a live Internet connection, as well as saves the current copy on the local machine. Users cans till access their files offline and save to Dropbox. When a connection is reestablished, the changes are synced and the backup is brought current. Dropbox is leading the charge with this unique functionality. For example sites like Facebook are completely inaccessible without an Internet connection, but now Dropbox has released the API that will enable other online entities to make their websites available even offline.

The backup giant is also generous!



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